Encrypt.so / encrypt.dll error

Follow this link and download library for your OS. https://github.com/PokemonGoMap/PokemonGo-Map/tree/develop/pogom/libencrypt On login screen select your file or rename the file to encrypt.so and place it in gofbot folder

Missing module X

Running npm install should fix it. If you get an error with word 'permission' in it try sudo npm install

Error encoding ascii...

Make a clean install. Go to your config.json and set health_check to false

Command brew not found

Please follow instructions for your OS.

Can't install please help call me on skype

Without providing information ( commit, os, logs) we can't help you. Remember that this project is run by volunteers and no one owes you nothing. Please be kind and respectfull to each other

Bot behaves incorrectly

That is probably bot's problem, not this project's, please submit issues to the Go to https://github.com/PokemonGoF/PokemonGo-Bot

Why don't bot do backflips

Go to https://github.com/PokemonGoF/PokemonGo-Bot and propose your suggestion We are just making a wrapper for python bot

Why no one responds

It's probably beacuse you provided too little information. Please follow instructions that you see when opening new issue

No module named pgoapi

Check out https://github.com/PokemonGoF/PokemonGo-Bot-Desktop/issues/51#issuecomment-236888095

How do I edit the config?

This is just a temporary solution. In future versions we will enhance the ability to edit the config


  1. Download PokemonGofBot.app
  2. Right click PokemonGofBot.app and click "Show Package Contents"
  3. Goto Contents/Resources/app/gofbot/configs/config.json
  4. Follow this guide to edit the config.json


Currently we do not know how to edit the config for Windows; however, in future versions we will add the ability to edit the config in the desktop applicacion.